<aside> 👉 DatoSphera - 2015



The Startup

DatoSphera is a startup that offers competitive intelligence reports, financing data and acquisition of European companies. It’s a tool to study the market, discover competitors, potential customers and be able to track all this information in a single place.

It has an extensive database of companies worldwide, focusing its main activity on European technology companies.

Value proposition

The main value of the platform is the categorization and segmentation of companies to know the direct and secondary competitors in the industry, offering users real-time data and very extensive information that ranges from financing rounds, worker data to the latest acquisitions made by them.

Goal of the project

Create a product website and redesign the competitors platform to increase the number of users, company data and start selling reports.

Audience / Target


  1. Create a product website with a clear access to the competitors analysis platform
  2. Simplify access and registration to the platform